Hubs Square Dance Club   

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Member Responsibilities


Club members will enjoy a friendship with other members and have an opportunity to participate in many club-sponsored activities such as banner raids, banner retrievals, demonstrations, and the enjoyment of dancing together.  Dances are organized to be self-supporting, hopefully eliminating the need for other fund-raising activities.

An attempt is made to keep work at a minimum.  As members, however, we must all share in certain duties and responsibilities.  There is setup and cleanup at dances which goes quickly when done by many, but becomes work when left to a few.  Club members are expected to volunteer twice a year to serve refreshments.  The food itself is provided by every member attending.  We all relied on angels at our lessons, so you will readily understand why we encourage members to attend as angels at our classes.  Business meetings provide a forum for ideas and suggestions to promote our club.

Come to our dances and enjoy yourselves.  Visit other clubs and spread good cheer.  And have fun.



  • Dues are $45.00 per person ($90.00 per couple) payable by the last dance in September.  This fee covers admission to all Hubs home dances.

  • Alternatively, a member may pay $20.00 per person for the dance year, plus $3.00 admission to each Hubs dance.


Refreshment Duties

Need help!  Please examine the dance schedule and sign up for refreshment duties twice a year.


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